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US election consequence delays: How 2020 compares | US & Canada

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Al Jazeera additionally examines what number of electoral votes previous presidential candidates secured to win the White House.

As the wait to know the victor of the United States presidential election enters its fourth day, Americans and the world really feel the competition is taking a rare period of time to be referred to as.

Of the final 5 contests going again to 2000, three have been referred to as on the identical evening, between 11pm and about 2am, the hour at which the 2016 contest noticed US President Donald Trump deemed victor over then-Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Former President George W Bush was projected to win his second time period the day after the 2004 election.

But the 2000 contest between Bush and former Vice President Al Gore took 36 days to be referred to as, as a consequence of a authorized problem over vote tallies in Florida that went to the Supreme Court.

The majority of this yr’s delay has been attributable to the bizarre circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, although Trump’s marketing campaign has already filed quite a few lawsuits that would make their strategy to the excessive courtroom.

The electoral tally

The candidate who wins 270 of the 538 Electoral College votes allotted by states based mostly on their inhabitants, is known as president-elect.

Currently, Democratic candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden sits at 264, needing solely six, and is forward in a lot of the states which have but to be referred to as.

Trump has 214 Electoral College votes and is prone to win greater than a dozen extra. This distinction is in step with the wide selection of margins since 1964.

The smallest distinction got here in 2000, when Gore misplaced to Bush by 5 votes.

The largest was in 1984, when former President Ronald Reagan blew Democratic nominee Walter Mondale out of the water, profitable 512 Electoral votes.

Though the US presidency shouldn’t be determined by in style vote, Reagan gained greater than 58 p.c of the tally, whereas Mondale misplaced with about 40 p.c.

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