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Trafficked, lady walks 200km to Hathras | India News

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AGRA: A 17 year-old- lady, who escaped from human traffickers in Delhi, walked blindly to UP for 3 days, strolling and taking lifts for 200 km to Hathras — about 794km in need of her dwelling in MP’s Mandla district — earlier than she was noticed by passersby and cops. According to the lady, who was dazed and fatigued when police rescued late Saturday evening, she was confined with at the least 12 different women her age in a tiny room in Delhi.
Superintendent of police (SP) of Hathras, Vineet Jaiswal, stated, “The girl is unable to tell us the exact location in Delhi where she was confined. She says there were 12 other girls and they all escaped. This is serious. The girl was distraught and hungry. She was on the road for the last three days.” He added, “The matter is being investigated.” The lady was handed over to the kid helpline, the SP stated.
“My family is very poor and in need of money. Some villagers advised them to send me along with a few other girls to Delhi in lieu of some money,” the lady stated.

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