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Thailand’s The Sanctuary: How a hippie hideaway reworked right into a high seashore retreat

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Koh Phangan, Thailand (CNN) — Michael Doyle began making common journeys to Koh Phangan within the Gulf of Thailand within the mid-1980s, having fun with laid-back life in rustic seashore bungalows across the island between stints as a psychiatric nurse in Australia.

Eventually, he took up residence in Hat Rin, a sunset-facing seashore on the southern tip of the island the place a fast-growing worldwide hippie scene supplied every thing from trance music and tai chi to hedonism and spirituality all rolled into one.

By 1989, Hat Rin had turn out to be world-famous for its month-to-month Full Moon Party on the seashore, and Doyle melted into the stream of “the new Goa.”

One day in 1991, an opportunity acquaintance invited Doyle to a celebration for the opening of a brand new spot on a secret seashore additional up the coast. It was known as “The Sanctuary,” and it might solely be reached through employed boat or on foot over steep hills and rocky headlands.

He accepted, and selecting the latter route, he and his new acquaintances started the strenuous hike.

“As we came over the first hill, the sight of a crystal-white beach below, without anyone on it, was pure magic,” recounts Doyle. But they hadn’t but reached “the beach,” and so the group trekked on alongside a slim path threading between clusters of large boulders.

“We glimpsed the second bay just before sunset,” says Doyle. “Walking down from there, I felt as if I were passing through some kind of invisible membrane and I realized, ‘well, my life has changed.'”

Perched amongst Volkswagen-sized granite boulders spilling on to white sands, The Sanctuary at that time consisted of a longhouse dorm, a few wood-and-thatch bungalows and an open-air cafe. The opening social gathering blasted on for 3 days, with a spirited sharing of meals and leisure, together with the erection of a giant bamboo-frame meditation pyramid.

An enchanted Doyle stayed on for 3 months, together with a handful of different in a single day long-termers who pitched in to construct extra bungalows.

Originally, The Sanctuary might solely be reached by employed boat or on foot.

courtesy The Sanctuary

The good vibe

Behind the mission had been two Koh Phangan residents, Gill Beddows and Steve Sanders, who determined to determine The Sanctuary after turning into aggravated with ongoing commercialization within the Hat Rin scene.

“In Hat Rin we ran a café, and we were involved in the big parties,” says Beddows. “But one day Steve said he’d found the most amazing beach up the coast.”

He recommended they attempt to do one thing extra significant there.

Known regionally as Hat Thian (Mangrove Beach), the bay was owned by a single Thai household whom Sanders had befriended. This made it simpler to come back to an settlement for leasing the land and constructing The Sanctuary, in contrast with the numerous different bays divided amongst a number of rival households.


Pictured right here in its early days, The Sanctuary was based within the 1990s.

courtesy The Sanctuary

“We started building in 1990,” says Beddows. “Steve and I had spent time at the Osho ashram in India, and that experience influenced us a lot. From the very beginning, we were focused on wellness and spirituality, offering an alternative to the party scenes on other beaches. We wanted it to be a center for like-minded people to practice yoga and detox, and various other therapies and treatments that are well accepted now, but which were practically witchcraft back then.”

For the primary seven or eight years, The Sanctuary and its long-term residents had been cautious of publicity and media consideration.

“We felt the place had the perfect vibe, and we didn’t want it spoiled,” says Doyle of these years. “So for a while we tried to keep it to ourselves, as word of mouth among friends, as much as possible.”

Inspiration for ‘The Beach’?

Coincidentally or not, in 1996 first-time novelist Alex Garland revealed “The Beach,” a gripping story tracing the destiny of a small, loose-knit group of world vacationers who set up their very own utopian neighborhood on a distant Thai seashore.

Reprinted 25 occasions in lower than a 12 months, the novel grew to become a “Lord of the Flies” for Generation X, and in 2000 was reworked right into a $40 million movie directed by Danny Boyle and starring Leonard DiCaprio.

The story opens when Richard, the British protagonist, encounters a deranged Scottish backpacker at a guesthouse on Bangkok’s Khao San Road who tapes a hand-drawn map to Richard’s door earlier than killing himself.

Richard and a French couple comply with the map to a hidden lagoon on a ravishing island, the place they discover a colony of hedonistic idealists from across the globe struggling to maintain their idyll from being found.

CNN Travel was unable to achieve Garland to verify or deny the connection, however parallels with The Sanctuary led to rumors {that a} go to to the reclusive resort had impressed him.

“We were living in the hippie belief that everyone could live together, and we didn’t need to let the outside world in and let money spoil everything.”

Gill Beddows, The Sanctuary co-founder

To start with, each Garland’s fictional neighborhood and The Sanctuary had been established in 1990.

Just as Gill Beddows supervised The Sanctuary’s growth, aided by a companion with constructing abilities, the key seashore neighborhood in Garland’s novel is overseen by Sal, a lady with a carpenter boyfriend. While Beddows and Sanders hail from the UK, Sal and her companion are American and South African.

In the novel, Sal explains to Richard: “Of course, this is more than a beach resort. But at the same time, it is just a beach resort. We come here to relax by a beautiful beach, but it isn’t a beach resort because we’re trying to get away from beach resorts. Or we’re trying to make a place that won’t turn into a beach resort. See?”

Asked whether or not Garland truly visited The Sanctuary, Doyle says, “I have a fuzzy memory of a guy hanging out in a hammock and just watching the flow of life for a couple of weeks in the mid-’90s. And I can put names to a few of the characters in the story, so there’s that. It didn’t click so much with the book as with the film.”

Beddows is extra forthcoming about Garland’s inspiration.

Thailand THE SANCTUARY 0004

A wide range of sleeping choices are on provide, from personal suites to shared dorms.

courtesy The Sanctuary

“As soon as the book came out, I knew.” she says. “There were just too many coincidences.

“We had been residing within the hippie perception that everybody might dwell collectively, and we did not have to let the surface world in and let cash spoil every thing. Gradually actuality got here in, figuring out this wasn’t sustainable with out revenue.

“As our programs in yoga, self-exploration and detox expanded, and these things became more marketable in Thailand, we realized it would be crazy not to share the knowledge and skills we had developed. We were already ahead of the curve.”

The couple invited Doyle to handle The Sanctuary in 1998 in order that they may attend to different pursuits within the islands in addition to again house within the UK.

As a self-confessed “organized, get-stuff-done Capricorn,” Doyle ushered the resort into the 21st century, increasing applications in wellness and spirituality for a far-reaching market, whereas sustaining the intimacy and casualness valued by loyal friends who returned 12 months after 12 months.

By 2013, The Sanctuary was booked out more often than not and the employees had been turning away a whole lot of requests for stays over the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Former Sanctuary barman Nolan Dalby took over day-to-day administration of the resort in 2016, though Doyle, now a resident of neighboring Koh Samui, stays concerned.

Covid-19 brings new challenges

When the unfold of coronavirus started accelerating worldwide in March 2020, The Sanctuary was in the midst of one other profitable excessive season. Although worldwide information prompted a majority of friends to depart, and folks scheduled to reach had been canceling their reservations, a dozen or so Sanctuary friends stayed on nicely into the month.

As Doyle recollects, “We had to make a lot of decisions quickly, with the threat of borders closing and people still in-house. Taking into account the safety and comfort of our guests, as well as what was sustainable for us as a business, we called everyone into the restaurant one evening for a discussion.

“We allow them to know that through the island lockdown, they may not even be allowed on the seashore, and that meals provides may get skinny. In the top, everybody left aside from a pair to whom we gave favorable charges for so long as they caught it out.”

With Dalby and a reduced crew — many Sanctuary employees chose to return to their homes during Thailand’s general lockdown from mid-March until mid-May — the resort continued to operate.

The restaurant offered an abbreviated menu for long-term Hat Thian residents, on a takeaway basis only during lockdown, and then later for dine-in. Dalby purchased a smaller generator to economize on fuel, running electricity for limited hours each day.

While many hotels and resorts on Koh Phangan and around Thailand closed down completely from mid-March until June or later, The Sanctuary maintained its record of never closing down for even a day since its original opening.

Thailand THE SANCTUARY 00001

The Sanctuary’s wellness applications embrace yoga, self-exploration and detox.

courtesy The Sanctuary

“In some ways, these present challenges deliver me again to the early days,” says Doyle. “I keep in mind once I first arrived in 1991, The Sanctuary had only one little Kubota generator, turned on within the late morning to run a smoothie blender on the restaurant, after which for a number of hours extra within the night.”

With fewer in-house guests to keep him occupied, Dalby shifted his attention to finding ways to deliver the Sanctuary experience to people locked down elsewhere in the world.

With the help of a photographer who visited The Sanctuary just after lockdown, Dalby developed a rustic video recording studio in one of the available bungalows so that live yoga classes could be streamed via Facebook and other Internet media.

As more gear was acquired, and the open-air studio became more technologically sophisticated, Dalby linked it with Vimeo Livestream Studio online so that they could record teachers, therapists and other experts living outside Thailand presenting instruction in meditation, movement, home detox, Pilates and yoga to live models in the studio.

The Sanctuary now has its own video channel streaming both live and taped events via social media as well as a dedicated web page, Sanctuary Wellness Live.

“With Thailand’s worldwide arrivals nonetheless strictly restricted, the Vimeo studio retains The Sanctuary expertise open to all,” says Dalby.

Meanwhile on “the seashore,” a steady stream of domestic visitors, both Thais and expatriates living in Thailand, are enjoying daily yoga classes, spa services, meditation, healthy dining and detox programs (on request), plus the beautiful bay itself, in relative isolation — almost like it was 20-odd years ago.

The Sanctuary, 6 153/14 Ban Tai, Koh Phangan District, Surat Thani 84280; +66 (0)77 954 073

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