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Sikhs lose court docket battle to get recorded as ethnic group in subsequent UK census

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LONDON: Sikhs is not going to be recorded as an ethnic group within the 2021 UK census after a Sikh group group misplaced its long-drawn battle within the excessive court docket to problem the ethnicity responses. The group incurred £150,000 (Rs 1.four crore) in authorized charges.
Handing down judgment remotely on Friday, Justice Choudhury rejected the third judicial overview declare introduced by Amrik Singh Gill, chair of Sikh Federation UK. Gill was searching for a court docket declaration that the census was illegal as a result of it was primarily based on suggestions made by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) that have been reached following an illegal analysis course of. He was additionally searching for a court docket order quashing the census.
The federation claims the shortage of a Sikh ethnic tick-box choice within the 10-yearly census has led to a considerable undercounting of the Sikh inhabitants in Britain.
Leigh Day solicitor Rosa Curling, who represented the claimants, stated her purchasers have been “obviously disappointed” however would proceed their marketing campaign “through political channels” and battle to rectify any disadvantages their group faces from an absence of knowledge.
Choudhury dismissed the federation’s arguments, particularly that the ONS did not observe its personal printed coverage on evaluating new tick-boxes and that it utilized secret unpublished analysis standards as a substitute.
Choudhury stated that even when he had discovered any errors of legislation, “it is highly likely” he would have refused to quash the census order “because of the very serious detriment to good administration that would result”. He referred to the £250 million (Rs 2,425 crore) prices the Cabinet Office claimed it could incur if the census was postponed to March 202 and stated that coverage selections would then be primarily based on more and more out-of-date information.
Choudhury referred to findings of focus teams that an organization known as Kantar carried out into the tick-box commissioned by the ONS. The Kantar report stated “a Sikh tick-box was not viewed as acceptable to participants. Specifically, younger second-generation participants, whose parents were born in India or the Punjab, raised concerns that Sikhism was not an ‘ethnic identity’. Its inclusion under ‘Asian’ may also cause confusion for participants feeling they had to ‘choose’ between an Indian and Sikh tick-box.”
“The fact that the House of Lords in Mandla v Dowell Lee held that Sikh is an ethnic group does not mean that respondents in the focus groups were compelled to self-identify as ethnically Sikh,” Choudhury stated. “There are diverging views within the Sikh community as to whether Sikh is an ethnic group, with views on either side being passionately held.”
He additionally referred to a March 2009 ONS paper which stated if there was an Indian and a Sikh tick-box within the ethnic part, Sikhs could be confused about which to tick and will tick each or responses could also be cut up “giving a misleadingly low count for both groups.”
This was the federation’s third judicial overview because the second was withdrawn and the primary one was dismissed in 2019. Dabinderjit Singh OBE, principal adviser to the SFUK, stated the primary judicial overview had price £102,000 in authorized charges and the prices of this overview for either side had been capped at £40,000.
The cash was raised from a handful of Sikh organisations, a number of gurdwaras and a whole bunch of Sikh people, he stated.
“We are not going to appeal as the Court of Appeal takes too long and by the time our case is heard the census would have happened plus any appeal would have to be based on a point of law. We will continue our battle as this was always about public bodies being able to monitor Sikhs and consider them when making policies and providing services. Part of the reason for our legal action was to allow people to see the arguments,” he stated.

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