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Scientists create a microscopic robotic that ‘walks’

by newsking24

Scientists at Cornell University have created a tiny micro-robot that “walks” utilizing 4 legs. Invisible to the bare eye, 10 of the pc chip bots may match throughout the full cease on the finish of this sentence.

Their legs might be independently triggered to bend utilizing laser gentle. By toggling the laser backwards and forwards between the back and front legs, the robotic walks.

It would take lower than per week to make a swarm of 1,000,000 robots, which Itai Cohen and Paul McEuen Labs hope may very well be tailored to turn into a medical software. They are sufficiently small to be injected into the physique and Prof Cohen hopes that finally robots like these may very well be designed to seek out and destroy most cancers cells.

(Image: Microbot, Credit: Marc Miskin / Itai Cohen and Paul McEuen Labs / Cornell University, USA.)

Video by Jennifer Green, interview by Ania Lichtarowicz and Gareth Mitchell.

Hear Prof Cohen’s full interview on BBC Digital Planet.

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