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PoK-origin, anti-India peer quits House of Lords days earlier than his expulsion

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LONDON: PoK-born peer Lord Nazir Ahmed, a outstanding determine at anti-India protests in Britain and steadily outspoken on Kashmir, has stop the House of Lords after greater than twenty years service, days earlier than he was as a consequence of be expelled.
A spokesman for the House of Lords stated: “Lord Ahmed wrote to the Clerk of the Parliaments on 13 November to inform him he wished to retire from the House on 14 November. This was announced on Monday.”
On Tuesday, the conduct committee of the House of Lords printed its report into the conduct of Mirpur-born Lord Ahmed, 63, one of many first Muslim friends, which upheld the findings of the unbiased House of Lords Commissioner for Standards that he breached the code of conduct and the committee beneficial that he be expelled.
The report will probably be put to the House for approval on November 19 with out debate.
“We cannot speculate on why Lord Ahmed decided to retire. He informed the House he wished to do so after he had received the final report from the conduct committee on his case and appeal. This is the first time the committee has recommended the expulsion of a member,” a House of Lords spokesman advised TOI.
Under the House of Lords code of conduct members are required to “act always on their personal honour”.
The Commissioner discovered that by sexually assaulting Zaman on March 2, 2017, then failing to take up her unique plaint, and by mendacity about his intentions, Lord Ahmed was failing to behave on his private honour and was in breach of the code.
The Commissioner discovered that he breached the code of conduct for “failing to act on his personal honour” within the discharge of his parliamentary actions by agreeing to make use of his place as a member of the House of Lords to help Miss Zaman, additionally from PoK, who wished assist making a criticism to the Metropolitan Police a couple of religion healer whom she believed had exploited women and men.
The report states: “Lord Ahmed knew that he was dealing with a vulnerable person undergoing treatment for depression… He nonetheless misleadingly induced her to visit him at his house under the pretext of offering to assist her… when his true motivation was to induce her into a sexual relationship.”
In her proof Zaman stated: “My opinion of Pakistani men is low, after Lord Ahmed’s treatment of me. I do not trust Pakistani men due to his treatment.”
In his attraction, Lord Ahmed claimed Zaman was in love with him and didn’t deny sexual relations had occurred, however stated she had made false allegations after he broke off their relationship.
He denied he had breached the code and stated the findings would have devastating penalties for his private life. He additionally claimed the Commissioner was “racist”.
The conduct committee dismissed his attraction and beneficial his expulsion.
The report stated: “The abuse of the privileged position of membership for a member’s own gain or gratification, at the expense of the vulnerable or less privileged, involves a fundamental breach of trust and merits the gravest sanction.”

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