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Mathura will break ego and vanity of BJP: Priyanka Gandhi | India News

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AGRA: In the temple city of Mathura, Congress basic secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra invoked Lord Krishna to slam the BJP-led NDA authorities and mentioned, “Lord Krishna will demolish this government’s ego as it has lost all its wisdom.”
Targeting the Prime Minister, Priyanka mentioned, “While Modi has time to reach every nook and corner of the country, he has no time to meet the farmers sitting on Delhi borders for the past 90 days.” Addressing farmers at a kisan mahapanchayat in Mathura, a stronghold of the Jat neighborhood, she mentioned, “This government has an inflated ego but this Krishnabhoomi is known for breaking the arrogance of the most powerful.”
“Lord Krishna had broken the arrogance of Indra (the god of rain) and had lifted the Govardhan mountain on his fingertip to save the people here. This BJP government has also become arrogant and will not survive the wrath of the farmers who keep the nation alive,” she mentioned, including that “when ego of a politician becomes more important, they lose touch with people”.
Priyanka, who started her speech with chants of “Banke Bihari Maharaj Ki Jai”, “Giriraj Maharaj Ki Jai” and “Yamuna Maiya ki Jai”, quoted a verse from distinguished Hindi poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar to elucidate the federal government’s “arrogant stand” on the farm legal guidelines. “Jab nash manuj par chhata hai, pehle vivek mar jata hai (when the end of a man is nigh, he loses his conscience first),” she mentioned.
Dubbing the PM “arrogant and cowardly”, she mentioned, “He should take the responsibility and accept people’s verdict. He starts accusing the previous governments if anyone raises questions on his decisions or policies.”
Taking a jibe on the authorities’s pro-private sector stand, Vadra urged the farmers to “keep Govardhan hill safe, otherwise the PM would sell this too”. She alleged that “loans of Rs 8 lakh crore of his millionaire friends had been waived during his tenure.
Interacting with the media, after offering puja at the Banke Bihari temple in Vrindavan, Gandhi said that the PM has distanced himself from the public after being in power for seven years. “The PM’s duty is to listen to people’s grievances and try to resolve them,” she mentioned, including that it’s a massive sin to name farmers terrorists and traitors”.

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