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It can be good if India learns one thing from Trump’s defeat: Shiv Sena | India News

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MUMBAI: It can be good if India learns one thing from US President Donald Trump‘s defeat, mentioned Shiv Sena on Monday whereas evaluating the US Presidential election state of affairs with Bihar Assembly polls.
Shiv Sena, by means of celebration mouthpiece Saamana, mentioned, “President Trump never deserved the position of head of the state. The American public rectified the mistake made about the same Trump in just four years. He could not fulfil even a single promise. If we can learn anything from Trump’s defeat, it would be good.”
The unemployment epidemic in America is greater than that of Covid-19. However, as an alternative of discovering an answer, Trump stored giving significance to the mockery of absurdities, vagrants and political chanting, the celebration acknowledged.
“The power has already changed in America. The incumbency in Bihar is at the bottom. In the Bihar assembly elections, the National Democratic Alliance led by Nitish Kumar is clearly losing. There is no alternative in the country and the state except us — people have to do the work of removing the leaders from this illusion,” Shiv Sena added.
It additional acknowledged that Trump has not accepted the defeat. He has made “ridiculous” allegations of a rip-off in voting.
“It should not be forgotten how warmly Trump was welcomed in our country. It is not our culture to stand with the wrong man but it is still being done. Biden will become the head of the US,” mentioned Shiv Sena.
“Kamala Harris of Indian origin has been elected to the post of Vice President of America. Trump condemned her achievement, he did not respect a woman and our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP were the people who supported such a person,” Shiv Sena added.
No matter how India organised ‘Namaste Trump’, the wise individuals of America have corrected their mistake by saying ‘Bye-Bye’ to Trump and rectified their mistake, Shiv Sena acknowledged.
“Similarly, leaders including Prime Minister Modi, Nitish Kumar etc. could not stand in front of the young Tejashwi Yadav,” it added.

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