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Four methods to distinguish between reward and bribe

by newsking24

Reward and bribe are the parenting techniques all of us use. While each the phrases are used interchangeably and are thought-about twins, there’s a world of distinction between them.

While reward is a optimistic parenting tactic, bribery is a destructive one and must be utterly prevented. Here are 4 simple methods to distinguish between a reward and bribe.

Number 1
Rewards are supplied to recognise good behaviour. For instance, if the kid has accomplished all of the homework effectively or has cleaned his room properly, you may reward the kid.

However, a bribe is obtainable to cease dangerous behaviour. For instance, for those who inform your baby to cease doing one thing and provide them chocolate, it’s a bribe and never a reward.

Number 2
Rewards will also be surprises. If you get your baby some toys from the market simply because they favored it, it may be a reward.

But for those who purchase them a toy as a result of they’re making a ruckus out there, will probably be a bribe.

Number 3
If you are feeling glad and optimistic about giving your baby a present, it’s a reward.

If you’re giving your baby one thing in stress and desperation as a result of you do not know what else to do, it’s a bribe.

Number 4
If your baby feels glad and proud about receiving a present, then it’s a reward.

Giving a reward is a father or mother’s choice and isn’t negotiable.

On the opposite hand, if the kid comes and tells you that I’ve cleaned a room and may give me additional display time, it is a bribe.

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