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Dirilis: Ertugrul’s popularity is growing day by day

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Dirilis: Ertugrul’s recognition is rising daily, overcoming tons of obstacles

Dirilis: The TV sequence Ertugrul, which chronicles Ertugrul’s life, and his son Osman I, who ultimately emerged because the founding father of the Ottoman Empire, took the Muslim world by storm. Originally aired in 2014 on the Turkish state channel TRT World (Turkish Radio and Television Corporation), the weaving epic of 5 seasons and about 200 episodes were printed on Netflix with English subtitles. Dubbed in Urdu and co-produced by PTV, the Pakistani model as Ertugrul Ghazi lastly turned Pakistan this 12 months and has been within the minds of the entire nation ever since.

It began in April when Prime Minister Imran Khan inspired individuals to study Islamic tradition and values ​​from Irtugrul Ghazi on PTV whereas discussing Pakistan-Turkey relations. He spoke in regards to the dangerous results of “promoting pornography” in Hollywood and Bollywood movies and the foundation causes of every kind of sexual crimes. “When pornography increases in a society, family values ​​decrease,” he mentioned.

The first episode of Ertugrul Gazi aired on PTV on April 25 and folks took it to the highest of recognition, serving to interrupt the report as essentially the most-watched TV serial in Pakistan. According to PTV, Ertugrul’s Pakistan viewership within the first 20 days was 133.38 million and the quantity is rising.

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The New York Times has known as it a smooth bomb. We comprehend why. In these two months of lockdown, we’re repeatedly listening to the kind of in regards to the Turkish sequence Diriliş Ertuğrul. The sequence containing about greater than 500 episodes first launched in 2014 has damaged all of the earlier data thrusting the Turkish movie business to prominence worldwide. It was additionally one of many higher-rated reveals on Netflix and has acquired consideration everywhere in the world. Estimates present that TV sequence revenues will hit $1 billion by 2023.

According to the social media’s illustration of the sequence, it appears that evidently the story is predicated on real-life historical past and adventures of the person, effectively it’s not. The author of the serial Diriliş Ertuğrul additionally mentions in his article that “there is no certainty in this historical data. But history has a soul.  We are shaping a story by dreaming”. So we should not see it within the imaginative and prescient of our historical past. But sure we are able to say that it was kind of prefer it. The fundamental ideology of the sequence is predicated on the Sufi tradition of Islam. It teaches how a person’s devotion to his God can provide him steerage and success. It additionally presents an extra enticing view of the Islamic tradition, particularly for the younger ones of the brand new era who discover themselves estranged from their roots.

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In Bangladesh, Turkish sequence like Sultan Suleiman and Fatmugul has been well-received by a broadly appreciative viewer. Bangladesh, being a Muslim-majority nation, additionally shares a standard heritage with the above-mentioned nations, but a lot of our youth right now have a woefully insufficient grasp of Islamic historical past and its spectacular successes.

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Dirilis: Ertugrul’s Historical context:

Dirilis: Ertugrul's popularity is growing day by day

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Ertugrul Ghazi was the daddy of Uthman I, the founding father of the Ottoman Empire. He is claimed to have laid the inspiration of the Ottoman Empire. So he’s nonetheless remembered with deep respect within the Muslim world. Artugrul Anumanik (1191-1198) was born within the metropolis of Ahalat sooner or later in AD. Father-Suleiman Shah, mother-Haima Hatun.

Artugrul Ghazi was first recognized by historians by taking a look at his title in cash of Uthman’s time. Without this data, no dependable data has been present in the historical past. At the tip of his title, the title Ghazi was given to Muslim warriors who fought for Islam and returned victoriously.

Artugrul Ghazi was the chief of the Kayi tribe. The Kayi are nomadic individuals of Turkish descent. The chief of their tribe was named Sulaiman Shah. The individuals of this tribe had been religious Muslims. Due to the management of Sulaiman Shah, in addition to his tribe, the individuals residing there began coming beneath the shadow of his management. Because of Genghis Khan’s theft, everybody needed to depend on themselves for their very own security. Sulaiman Shah elevated his energy for the safety of his individuals and stored a watchful eye in order that they might not be harmed in any means. On the opposite hand, with the autumn of the Khawarizm Empire, Sulaiman Shah was capable of collect innumerable warriors and enormous portions of ammunition in a really brief time period.

Genghis Khan despatched a big pressure to invade the Seljuk Empire in 621 AH (1224 AD). In the course of time, the Seljuk Empire was in its infancy. At that point, Sultan Alauddin Kaikobad Seljuk was on the throne in Konya, the capital of the Seljuk Empire.

It was right now that information reached Sulaiman Shah that the Mongols had attacked Alauddin Kaikobad. He was shocked by this information. He had appreciable sympathy for the Muslim Sultan. So he instructed his tribe to depart for the aim of serving Sultan Kaikobad.

This is an unprecedented occasion. While the Seljuks and Mongols had been combating, Artugrul Gazi, the son of Sulaiman Shah, got here there. Artugrul would not know who the events are. So he determined that he would struggle with the weak aspect. The Mongol forces had been fierce and formidable. They simply cornered the Seljuk forces. Fortunately, his choice got here in his favor. With 444 warriors with him, he went to warfare on behalf of the Seljuks. In the tip, the Mongols couldn’t stand their heroism. Sultan Kaikobad rejoiced at such an unimaginable success in a shedding battle, embracing Artugrul Ghazi and making his look. Just then Sulaiman Shah got here there along with his military. Sultan Alauddin Kaikobad introduced the prize to each of them. He gladly allotted the Angora (present-day Ankara) Karaka Dag web site for the Kayi tribe and appointed Sulaiman Khan as commander-in-chief of his forces.

It should be acknowledged right here that Alauddin Salzuki’s sharp wit and foresight made Artugrul the best space of ​​the empire. The Konya Empire was fairly massive at first. But beneath the strain of the Romans and the Mongols, Konya was on the breaking point, and as its dimension dwindled, it grew to become a small kingdom whose existence might disappear at any second.

The location of Karaka Dag was completely on the Roman border. In 1251, Artugrul conquered the Nissan metropolis of Thebesion. It was renamed Sagut and it was its momentary capital. As a reward for his accomplishments, Sultan Alauddin Salzuki gave Artugrul some extra territory. Later, in 1299, his son Uthman I established it because of the capital of the Ottoman Empire. As Artugrul grew stronger, the specter of an assault from the Romans disappeared. A number of days later, his father Sulaiman Shah drowned whereas crossing the Euphrates.

According to Ottoman custom, after the daddy, solely the worthy little one was made the chief of the tribe. According to that custom in 1230

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