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Coronavirus: Can COVID-19 immunity final past six months for sufferers?

by newsking24

It has been largely presumed that sufferers who struggle COVID acquire antibodies, nevertheless, which begin to wane after some time. The most cited affirmation got here from a July-based King’s College Study which discovered that sufferers who suffered from COVID skilled a drop in antibody rely after 3-Four months time.

However, in a placing piece of knowledge which throws new gentle on the state of affairs, a staff of researchers from Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Rockefeller University, New York, have discovered that quite than depleting fully, the virus-fighting antibodies change into stronger and able to combating any mutations and virulent strains of SARS-COV-2.

While the research is but to be peer-reviewed, preliminary reviews counsel that the immune pathology of COVID recovered sufferers is ‘well-equipped’ to acknowledge and struggle off any virus upon publicity sooner or later.

“The really good news is that people who are infected are very unlikely to become sick again for at least six months,” one of many main authors within the research, immunologist Michel Nussenzweig mentioned.

Not solely is the research beneath query backed with proof, however it might even be one other inexperienced gentle we’ve in our struggle in opposition to COVID-19 and resume life again to normalcy.

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