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Confident that Covid-19 vaccine will probably be prepared in three-four months: Dr Harsh Vardhan | India News

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NEW DELHI: Union well being and household welfare minister Dr Harsh Vardhan on Thursday stated he was assured that Covid-19 vaccine can be prepared within the subsequent three-four months and added that the precedence to supply the identical to 135 crore Indians can be primarily based on scientific analysis.
The minister was addressing the FICCI FLO webinar on ‘The Shifting Healthcare Paradigm During and Post-Covid‘ right now.
“I am confident that Covid-19 vaccine will be ready in the next three-four months. Priority for the vaccine will be designed on the basis of scientific data. Health care workers and corona warriors will naturally be prioritised followed by elderly and disease-prone people. Very detailed planning is underway for vaccine dissemination. An e-vaccine intelligence platform has been created to discuss the blueprint for the same. Tracking and tracing of the vaccine would be neck-deep once it’s available for the public. Hopefully, 2021 should be a better year for all of us,” the Health Minister stated.
Praising the efforts of the Central authorities, the Minister stated some ‘very daring steps’ have been taken to struggle the pandemic in the previous few months.
“Janta curfew was a very innovative and unique experiment by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It had nationwide participation from the citizens. The decision to impose a lockdown followed by unlocking were some bold decisions by the central government during the pandemic. We have handled it very well,” the Minister stated.
“The government has been very proactive in its response towards this fight. Airports, seaports and land borders were put under surveillance for Covid-19 well in time,” he added.
Giving an account of the journey of the final 11 months, the Minister stated India was amongst the highest international locations to manage the impression of the pathogen in a brief length.
“Initially we faced a shortage of PPE kits, ventilators and N-95 masks. But in a few months time, we were able to export these things to different parts of the world. Our scientists are now well ahead of many others globally in their research on the vaccine. In a couple of months, we should be able to produce a vaccine for the Covid-19 infection. Our performance has been excellent on every parameter set by the World Health Organisation, we have the highest recovery rate and the least fatality rate. We have 2,115 laboratories in every look and corner of the country for Covid tests. Over 20 lakh dedicated Covid beds are in place. It proves that whenever India decides to excel at something, it does,” the Health Minister asserted.
Sharing the imaginative and prescient of PM Modi he stated that the Centre will ship a brand new India to the residents in 2022.
“We will deliver a new India in 2022 as per the dream of PM Narendra Modi. Only humanism and nationalism would prevail in this new India as our PM envisions,” Harsh Vardhan concluded.

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